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Corporate Awards

Most Innovative Company, 1996-2001
For an unprecedented six consecutive years, Enron has been named "America's Most Innovative Company" by Fortune in its annual survey. Enron placed No. 18 overall on the list of the nation's 535 "Most Admired Companies" and ranked among the top five in "Quality of Management," "Quality of Products/Services" and "Employee Talent."

"100 Best Companies to Work for in America," 1999, 2000, and 2001
Enron is No. 22 on Fortune's annual list of best corporate workplaces. More than two hundred companies took part in the selection process that included a human resources questionnaire, a culture audit and a confidential survey that was sent to randomly selected employees.

FT Energy Global Awards, 2000
Enron received two prestigious awards from Financial Times Energy. As the recipient of the group's most valued award, "Energy Company of the Year," Enron was recognized for its overall excellence, innovation, and environmental concern. Enron also received the award for the "Boldest Successful Investment Decision" for EnronOnline. With this award, FT Energy acknowledges Enron's entrepreneurial skill in creating and launching a global, easy-to-transact Internet-based system for buying and selling commodities.

Fortune's All-Star List of Global Most Admired Companies -- 2000
Enron ranks No. 25 on Fortune's all-star list of companies that "demonstrate a new-economy-style growth strategy while maintaining an old-economy approach to fiscal responsibility." Fortune also named Enron the most innovative company in the world and ranked it second in ability to attract, develop and retain talent. According to Fortune, the key to survival in the new economy is innovation and "No company illustrates the transformative power of innovation more dramatically than Enron," citing Enron's market-making capabilities and the success of EnronOnline. Fortune evaluated companies in 27 industries from around the world, compiling feedback from executives, board members and analysts. In addition to innovativeness and the ability to attract and keep people, companies were judged on quality of management; quality of products and services; long-term investment value; financial soundness; community responsibility; use of corporate assets; and global business acumen.

100 Fastest-Growing Companies
Enron ranks 29th on Fortune's list of "speed racers of the economy." Enron was cited for continuing to reinvent itself with such eCommerce efforts as EnronOnline, with more than 900 products transacted with customers worldwide, and for our broadband services business. To qualify, companies must be U.S.-based, be in operation for three years and have revenues and a market capitalization of at least $50 million. To make the list, companies must achieve a 30 percent growth rate for three years in both revenue and earnings per share (EPS), with positive earnings in the latest quarter. Those companies are then ranked by growth in revenue, EPS and total stock-market return over a three-year period.

Ten Stocks to Last the Decade
Long-term investors, pay attention. Enron is one of 10 growth stocks you might want to add to and hold in your investment portfolio, according to the August 14 issue of Fortune magazine. What do Enron and the other nine companies have in common? Just this: "They all share exceptional management and an ability to execute no matter what happens in the macro-economy." The success of EnronOnline and the company's potential in broadband services make Enron a winning stock wager in the long term.

Fortune Global 500 - World's Largest Corporations 2000
Fortune named Enron the 62nd largest corporation in the world, up from No. 85 in 1999. Enron is also the No. 1 company in the magazine's Energy category. With the gulf growing wider between new economy and old economy companies, Enron's eCommerce efforts, such as EnronOnline, mark it as a company on the cutting-edge in the global e-business marketplace. "The rapid pace of technological change is forcing a continuous level of investment in emerging sectors," said Bruce Steinberg of Merrill Lynch.

Energy/Commodity Derivatives House of the Year - 1999
Enron wins this award "because of its ability to take a lead in new areas of risk management," most notably the launch of EnronOnline, the company's Internet-based trading system for wholesale energy and other commodities, according to Risk magazine.

World's Best Global Companies
Global Finance named Enron the world's best global company in the energy sector in its September 1999 issue. Winning companies were selected based on how well they are managed, their impact on competitors, return on invested capital and global reach.

World's Leading Power Company, 1999
Forbes Global Business magazine ranked Enron the top power company in the world in its inaugural A-list companies this year. The magazine cited Enron's broad market presence, integrated energy network and commitment to energy-starved nations such as India. Enron's achievements in gas and power marketing and advocacy for regulatory change across all electricity markets also received high marks.

The New Blue Chips, 1999
In 1998, Wired magazine introduced the Wired Index, which is a list of 40 new blue chip companies that represent the U.S. information economy. Wired editors continue to track the companies that are building the new economy. Enron was selected because it aggressively uses information technology to drive the organization's goals and expand its businesses.

America's Best Sales Force, 1999
Sales & Marketing Management's annual survey ranked Enron's sales force as the best in the nation for 1999.