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Executive Awards

Ken Lay

Top 25 Managers, 1996 and 1999
Business Week named Enron Chairman and CEO Ken Lay as one of the top 25 managers for 1999. Ken was recognized in 1999 for establishing Enron as the leading U.S. marketer of electricity and natural gas and for "taking Enron into the red-hot communications industry" where Enron is developing an intelligent network platform to facilitate online business and building a market for trading bandwidth, "just as Enron pioneered the trading of energy using innovative financial contracts." Ken also was named a top manager by Business Week in 1996.

The 50 Best CEOs, May 1999
Financial Intelligence listed Enron Chairman and CEO Ken Lay one of the top CEOs in America. According to the journal, Ken's leadership, inventiveness and business philosophy have allowed Enron to evolve from a small natural gas company in Houston into one of the world's largest integrated electricity and natural gas companies.

Lifetime Achievement Award, 1998
The award was presented to Ken Lay at the 26th Annual Energy Daily Congress dinner on December 3, 1998. Ken was cited by the nominating committee for his "unmatched vision, strategy and courage" in the energy industry. The committee noted that Enron's influence "has changed the face of the energy industry for the better, reducing the cost to consumers and providing innovative solutions to complex problems." In accepting the award, Ken credited "a lot of very creative, bright people who work around me."

Texas Energy Pioneer Award, 1998
The Texas Railroad Commission named Ken Lay the recipient of its award for the leadership and contributions he has made to the State of Texas, as well as to national and global energy communities. In being nominated for the award, Ken was cited for his outstanding contributions and innovations in natural gas that have improved and enhanced Texas' leading position in the natural gas industry.

Horatio Alger, 1998
Ken Lay was selected as one of 10 Americans to receive the award in 1998. The Horatio Alger Award recognizes a lifetime of achievement and community service. Since 1947, the award has honored Americans who triumph over adversity, inspire success and help others realize their full potential. The award is named after Horatio Alger, Jr., the author of more than 100 books that inspired young people from the post-Civil War through the early decades of the 20th century.

Texas Business Hall of Fame, 1997
Enron Chairman and CEO Ken Lay was inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to the energy industry. The merger between InterNorth and Houston Natural Gas in 1985 allowed Ken to position Enron as the leader in the natural gas industry. He led Enron to renegotiate its gas supply contracts and to be responsive to a rapidly evolving market environment in natural gas and electricity. Over the years, Ken's leadership and creativity have helped Enron become a global energy leader.

Council's Leadership Award, 1997
The Private Sector Council (PSC) awarded Enron Chairman and CEO Ken Lay for his meaningful contributions to improve efficiency within the government. PSC acknowledges leaders who serve the nation with great distinction, while improving the efficiency, productivity and management of the federal government through a cooperative sharing of knowledge between the public and private sectors.