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Fact Sheet: Enron Broadband Services

Business Overview

Enron Broadband Services (EBS) delivers solutions that are changing the way the Internet works. EBS combines the power of its global broadband network, the Enron Intelligent Network, with a suite of customized bandwidth options and streaming media applications to fundamentally improve the online experience. EBS is also involved with bandwidth intermediation and content and application services.

Core Business Segments

The Enron Intelligent Network is the fiber optic infrastructure that enables businesses and Internet content and network service providers to enrich the desktop experience by ensuring high quality, end-to-end delivery of broadband content.

Enron's content and applications services include the transport of rich media and streaming video to the desktop at high speeds with guaranteed quality of service.

As part of its plan to make the bandwidth market more efficient, Enron's bandwidth intermediation business uses pooling points to provide the physical interconnectivity between bandwidth buyers and sellers so that bandwidth can be used and provisioned as needed, on-demand.


In March 1998, First Point Communications, a division of Enron-owned Portland General Electric, became Enron Communications. The company was renamed Enron Broadband Services (EBS) in January 2000. EBS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enron Corp.

Network Infrastructure

  • 15,000 fiber optic route miles
  • 404 servers operating in 32 points of presence (PoPs)
  • Pooling points installed in 13 major cities
  • Global reach of 15 million viewers in 58 cities

    Bandwidth Intermediation

  • 2,800+ DS-3 months of capacity delivered
  • 55 transactions completed with 17+ counterparties

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