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Fact Sheet: Enron Wholesale Services

Enron Wholesale Services encompasses Enron's global wholesale businesses, and is divided into six business units.

Enron Americas includes the company's wholesale merchant businesses related to natural gas and power across North, Central and South America, including trading, marketing and new asset development activities in these regions.

Enron Europe is the company's wholesale merchant business across all commodities in Europe, Australia and Japan. This business unit also includes Enron Metals and Enron Credit.

Enron's European activities were established in 1989, with the development and subsequent construction of the 1,875 MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant at Teesside following the liberalization of the U.K. electricity market. Since 1996, Enron has become a leading participant in the liberalized U.K. and Nordic energy markets and is now one of the leading new entrants in the liberalizing Continental electricity and gas markets. Across Europe, the company is developing, partially owns and/or operates power stations in Italy, Poland, Turkey, Spain and the UK, representing a combined capacity of 5,974 megawatts.

Enron Global Markets includes commodity businesses in crude and related products, coal, weather, foreign exchange, and agricultural products. Additionally, Enron Global Markets has responsibility for the company's Middle East and LNG operations.

Enron Industrial Markets includes the company's worldwide business activities in the pulp and paper, paper, lumber and steel markets, including trading, origination and energy outsourcing activities.

Enron Net Works extends Enron's business model to new wholesale commodity markets across a broad range of industries using eCommerce as a platform to pursue new market opportunities for Enron. Some of Net Works' eCommerce initiatives include EnronOnline, DealBench, and ClickPaper.

Enron Global Assets encompasses Enron's energy asset portfolio outside of North America and Europe. It includes more than 40 assets including EcoElectrica in Central America, the Bolivia-to-Brazil Pipeline and Dabhol Power Project in India.