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Statement of Human Rights Principles

As a partner in the communities in which we operate, Enron believes it has a responsibility to conduct itself according to certain basic principles that transcend industries, cultures, economies, and local, regional and national boundaries.
Because we take this responsibility as an international employer and global corporate citizen seriously, we have developed the following principles on human rights. Enron's Vision and Values comprise the platform upon which our human rights principles are built.

Principles of Human Rights
  • Enron stands on the foundation of its Vision and Values. Every employee is educated about the company's Vision and Values and is expected to conduct business with other employees, partners, contractors, suppliers, vendors and customers keeping in mind respect, integrity, communication and excellence. Everything we do evolves from Enron's Vision and Values statements.
  • At Enron, we treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves. We believe in respect for the rights of all individuals and are committed to promoting an environment characterized by dignity and mutual respect for employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, partners, community members and representatives of all levels of Government.
  • We do not and will not tolerate mistreatment or human rights abuses of any kind by our employees or contractors.
  • We believe in treating all employees fairly, regardless of gender, race, color, language, religion, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, political or other opinion, national origin, or physical limitation.
  • We are dedicated to conducting business according to all applicable local and international laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and with the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • We are committed to operating safely and conducting business worldwide in compliance with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations and strive to improve the lives of the people in the regions in which we operate. These laws, regulations, and standards are designed to safeguard the environment, human health, wildlife, and natural resources. Our commitment to observe them faithfully is an integral part of our business and of our values.
  • We believe that playing an active role in every community in which we operate fosters a long-term partnership with the people with whom we come into daily contact. Strengthening the communities where our employees live and work is a priority. We focus community relations activities on several areas, with particular emphasis on education, the environment, and promoting healthy families.
  • We believe in offering our employees fair compensation through wages and other benefits.
  • We believe that our employees and the employees of our contractors working in our facilities are entitled to safe and healthy working conditions.

    Education and Communication

    Because we take our responsibilities to our fellow citizens seriously, we act decisively to ensure that all those with whom we do business understand our policies and standards.

    Providing clearly written guidelines reinforces our principles and business ethics. Enron employees at all levels are expected to be active proponents of our principles and are trained to report without retribution anything they observe or discover that indicates our standards are not being met.

    Compliance with the law and ethical standards are conditions of employment, and violations will result in disciplinary action, which may include termination. New employees are asked to sign a statement indicating that they have read, understand and will comply with this statement, and employees are periodically asked to reaffirm their commitment to these principles.

    Furthermore, Enron seeks to require its contractors, suppliers, and vendors to uphold the same respect for human rights that we require of ourselves, and to include appropriate provisions in every new contract entered with these parties. When we are joint venture partners with other companies, we will work to gain board approval for similar measures in joint venture contracts with contractors, suppliers and vendors.