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Enron's business is to create value and opportunity for your business. We do it by combining our financial resources, access to physical commodities, and market knowledge to create innovative solutions to challenging industrial problems.
Enron Wholesale Services makes markets in a number of wholesale commodity products, allowing industrial companies to manage commodity delivery and price risk. Customers can arrange to sell or buy commodities on terms that suit their needs -- long term, short term, fixed price, indexed price or other innovative variations. >> Find out more
Enron Energy Services, the retail arm of Enron, offers companies a better way to develop and execute their energy strategies. We are the largest provider of energy services to commercial and industrial companies, adding total contract value of $2.1 billion in 2000. >> Find out more
Enron Broadband Services is creating new options and opportunities in enterprise connectivity. We provide three core services -- operating the Enron Intelligent Network (EIN), bandwidth capacity trading, and preparing content for delivery over the EIN. Our goal is to provide premium broadband services to maximize the use and benefit of the Internet. >> Find out more
Enron Transportation Services oversees Enron's regulated, interstate natural gas pipelines. Our four pipelines span approximately 25,000 miles and have a peak capacity of 9.8 billion cubic feet per day. We transport 15 percent of U.S. natural gas demand, and we connect the major supply basins in the U.S. and Canada. >> Find out more
EnronOnline is the world's largest e-commerce site for global commodity transactions. If your business depends on commodities, EnronOnline gives you real-time transaction tools and information to succeed in today's fast-moving markets.
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Enron has offices around the world. The following offices have their own web sites, covering more specifically the products and services available in those regions: